Why Beauticians Need To Wear Disposable Gloves In A Salon
Time:Nov 16, 2021
Disposable gloves are now manufactured for specific industries. Glove manufacturers have realized that some industries are more sensitive than others and hence require special disposable gloves. There are also legal and regulatory bodies that are in charge of the production and marketing of disposable gloves in various industries. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversees the production and marketing of disposable gloves in the medical and food processing and service industries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates the production and marketing of industry grade gloves. The beauty industry is not as sensitive as the medical and food processing and service industries but it still requires special beauty industry grade gloves. This is mainly because beauticians usually come into contact with blood and other bodily fluids when doing their job. This is especially so when piercing the ears of their clients or when performing other beauty tasks. Their hands are also exposed to various sharp objects and tools that can cause physical injury. They also use many different hair care products, which contain all kinds of chemicals. The following are some of the reasons why beauticians require disposable gloves.

To Prevent Cross Contamination

 mentioned above, beauticians are involved in many different procedures, some of which can cause blood and other bodily fluids to be secreted. Body piercings are performed in beauty shops and salons all over the country. These piercings can result in bleeding and the beautician’s hands can be exposed to this blood or any other bodily fluids. To avoid infection or cross contamination, the beautician should always wear disposable gloves. On the other hand, the beautician could be having an open cut or a wound in his hand. If the hand is not properly covered with a disposable glove, then the beautician can pass germs and other pathogens to the client.

To Protect The Hands

The other reason why beauticians require disposable gloves is to protect their hands. Beauticians use all kinds of tools and equipment to style the hair and to perform other beauty tasks like pedicures and manicures. These objects are sharp and they can cause physical injuries to the bare hands. Wearing a high quality glove with a tough material, such as nitrile or latex will ensure that the hands are well protected. Black nitrile gloves offer great hand protection and are resistant to harsh chemicals and water. Remember that beauticians apply all kinds of hair care products to their clients’ hair. The chemicals in these hair care products can cause physical injuries to the hands of the beautician. Wearing disposable gloves will protect the hands from all these chemicals thereby ensuring a safe working environment.

To Enhance Dexterity And Tactile Sensitivity

Disposable medical or industry grade gloves for use in hair care and beauty salons are specially designed to enhance grip, dexterity, and touch sensitivity. The beautician will enjoy a snug comfortable fit. He will also have a firm grip. And when styling the hair or performing any other beauty task, the beautician will have enhanced tactile sensitivity and better dexterity.

Professional Outlook

Glove manufacturers produce classy black latex or nitrile gloves for use in beauty salons and hair care parlors. These gloves project a professional outlook of the salon. Wearing such gloves when working on a client showcases that you care about the cleanliness and sterility of your working environment.
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