What kind of disposable gloves are good for the food industry?
Time:Oct 22, 2021

In the food industry or in the food processing process, production employees often have problems such as hand injuries, hand bacteria, mold, and yeast exceeding the standard.
It will not only cause physical harm to workers, but also contaminate food and lead to unqualified food safety and quality. In addition, in the process of food processing, gloves are in direct or indirect contact with food, and their ingredients may also be transferred to the food. Therefore, disposable gloves used by food companies must meet the standards. So, what kind of disposable gloves should be used for food contact?

Although disposable gloves made of PE material are light and convenient, if the correct style is not selected, it will still have a certain impact on the work. Regarding food safety requirements, there is no guarantee for gloves that have not passed food safety certification, and comfort also needs to be considered in terms of wearing, working hours, and handling of hands.

Disposable gloves are made of imported PE materials, which are convenient, easy to wear and comfortable. They can be used in various occasions. They have certain acid-base substances, oil-proof, anti-permeation, and anti-bacteria; they are easy to wear and take off, and they are sensitive to use. Flexible operation, no allergic reactions, it is an essential protection product in life and work, easy to stretch, resistant to stretching, comfortable in the hand, easy to wear, no need to worry about breaking easily, dripping water, brand new material particles blowing film, dripping water does not leak , One-piece molding is easy to use, economical and practical, cost-effective, practical and convenient, and is widely used in many industries such as home care, food and catering chain stores.

In the food industry, such as dining, food processing, washing vegetables, making dumplings and cooking, in these situations, you should wear food-grade disposable gloves on your hands. this
This situation generally does not cause any harm to the human body, as long as it is not exposed to high temperatures.

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