What are the common labor insurance products in the food processing industry?
Time:Oct 22, 2021
In recent years, news about food safety has repeatedly occupied the hot search list in the society. Everyone has higher and higher food safety requirements. Once a food brand is found to be involved in food safety issues, such negative news will serve as a stain and affect everyone's perception of it for a long time. In order to reduce/reduce food safety issues, many food processing industries are strictly implementing the labor insurance product wearing system.

1. Disposable masks

In the food processing industry, disposable masks are widely used, and all workers who are in direct contact with food need to wear an easy-to-use disposable mask. It can effectively prevent droplets from contaminating food and eliminate unnecessary food safety issues. We also see the staff wearing disposable masks in the deli area every day.

2. Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Food processing workers need to directly touch the food. At this time, it is very necessary to wear a pair of clean gloves that will not contaminate the food and also protect the workers' hands. Generally speaking, the food processing industry tends to wear nitrile gloves.

3. PVC Apron

Many people will see in the vegetable market that those engaged in aquatic products and meat business will wear a pu apron. This kind of apron is not the kind of ordinary household. It is usually made of PVC. It is very water-proof, oil-proof and acid-proof, so it is extremely popular in the food processing industry.
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