The Complete Guide to Salon Gloves
Time:Nov 16, 2021
Salon gloves are a must if you want to keep your hands clean while working. They also provide protection against bacteria and germs that may get transferred onto your hands during manicures and pedicures.

What type of gloves do hairdressers use? What type of glove is recommended for use in the salon? What are the best gloves for applying hair dye? Can I use vinyl gloves with hair dye?

Get the answers to the questions and more in this complete guide to salon gloves.

Why Should Gloves Be Worn in a Salon?
Gloves for beauty salons should be worn by all workers, including nail technicians, cosmetologists, hair stylists, estheticians, massage therapists, and barbers. They protect the skin on their hands from getting dirty or infected with harmful substances like chemicals used for cutting nails, waxing, coloring, bleaching, etc. Also, it is important to wear them when performing any type of service where there could be contact between the client’s skin and yours.

What is the Best Type of Gloves for Beauty Services?
The most popular hand protection estheticians prefer using are nitrile disposable gloves. Salon clients and professionals are safeguarded against many chemicals used during beauty services. They are waterproof, latex-free, and provide the necessary sensitivity when beautifying clients.

Black nitrile gloves are a favorite among beauticians when working with dyes and coloring compounds that stain. They disguise messy dye stains and give a stylish look. The comfortable grip helps with manicures and makeup applications.

When Would You Use Gloves in a Salon?
Hairdressers and pedicurists must wear gloves when handling chemicals to avoid harmful skin diseases such as chemical burns, eczema, and dermatitis. It is also worth considering if your hands get dry after being soaked in water for extended periods of time. Beauty products include a high concentration of chemicals. Full hand protection will keep you safe, comfortable, and healthy.

Is It Good to Wash Hair With Gloves?
Washing hair with gloves can help prevent infections caused by cuts and nicks. They're also a wonderful method to keep your nails from becoming tangled in your hair. A decent hand covering allows your fingers to glide through hair more easily while keeping them dry and free of chemicals typically found in beauty products.

Why Do Hairdressers Wear Gloves?
Hairdressers must use safe hand protection at all times. Multiple hair care products used in a day can cause physical injury to hands. Hairdressers use disposable gloves to protect their hands from harmful toxins. It also helps keep surfaces in the salon clean creating a healthy working environment.

In the beauty salon, disposable safety gloves are used to minimize cross contamination. It limits the exposure of diseases, bloodborne pathogens, and other bodily fluids and prevents cross contamination.

It is impressive to go into a beauty parlor and see all the beauticians dressed in clean uniforms and wearing safe disposable hair stylist gloves. This type of clothing code conveys a hygienic and professional image. A salon like this draws a lot of customers, which boosts the owner's earnings.

What Gloves Do Hairdressers Use?
Hairdressers prefer using nitrile gloves because they are chemical-resistant. Hair professionals need to keep their hands safe when working with a wide variety of chemicals. Repeated contact with hair dyes, perm mixtures, conditioning treatments, and hair relaxers can cause dryness, chemical burns, and irritated skin. Nitrile is the preferred and most recommended type of hand protection for salon professionals who come in direct contact with chemicals daily.

What Gloves Are Best For Coloring Hair?
Single-use, latex-free nitrile gloves are ideal for protecting hands while coloring hair. Many salon owners prefer black gloves for a more professional look when handling dyes. The dark color hides stains while keeping hands clean and dry. In short, hairdressing gloves made of nitrile provide good protection from permanent hair dyes.

Can I Use Any Gloves for Hair Dye?
When dealing with harsh hair dyes, durable nitrile gloves are definitely the best option. Using just any type of glove to dye hair is not recommended. Not all gloves are made to resist hazardous chemicals handled daily. Hairstylists must protect their hands using a hand covering with high chemical resistance. The superior disposable glove of choice for handling hair dyes is nitrile.

Can You Use Vinyl Gloves to Color Hair
Vinyl gloves don't offer as much protection against chemical or biomedical exposure as latex and nitrile and are less durable. They are inexpensive to manufacture making them cheap to buy, but the protection level is not adequate for coloring hair.

Some permanent hair dyes contain p-phenylenediamine (PPD), a contact allergen. In this salon care gloves study, different types of beauty salon disposable gloves were tested to see which had good protection. The results showed that nitrile gloves gave effective protection, even one hour after exposure while natural rubber latex, polyethylene and vinyl gloves had eczematous reactions.

Is it OK to use latex gloves to dye hair?
Latex gloves are not recommended for use with hair dye. They can cause latex allergies for both beauticians and clients plus the chemical resistance is lower. Use nitrile gloves instead for color processing to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Can You Use Nitrile Gloves for Dying Hair?
Absolutely! Even after an hour of exposure, nitrile gloves give excellent protection from hair dye chemicals. This makes it possible to use nitrile gloves for dying hair without worrying about staining your clothes or ruining your nails.
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