Selection and requirements of working hats for food companies
Time:Oct 22, 2021
In the process of food safety and hygiene control, hair is one of the common problems. The following are common situations:

1. The work cap cannot protect the hair well, causing the hair on the forehead or back of the head to be exposed;

2. The design of the work cap is unreasonable, the opening is large, and the hair cannot be protected well.

3. Or the work cap itself is a one-piece cap, but after putting on the one-piece cap, employees cannot move their heads and necks freely, so they only wear disposable net caps, and the hair on the temples is easy to be exposed outside the hairnet.

Therefore, if the work cap is not properly selected and worn, it may cause hair to fall into processed foods. If food companies have similar complaints, they will face economic and reputation losses, causing consumers to lose trust in the products.

Performance requirements of working caps
1. Anti-falling off, the hat is not easy to cause friction on the scalp on the head, which can reduce the loss of hair.

2. Filterability, it should be able to effectively prevent the hair falling out from the fabric and falling into the food.

3. Breathability, because the top of the head is easy to generate heat and sweat, if the cap is not breathable, long-term work will cause serious hair loss to the staff.

4. The material is good, the cap itself cannot fall off, the fiber is easy to be damaged, or there are more threads that have not been removed, which will cause food pollution.
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