Time:Nov 16, 2021
As beauty salons, hairdressers and nail salons across the UK had to close their doors in late March, many salon owners are looking into PPE for beauty salons to allow them to get their businesses up and running in preparation for reopening on the 4th of July, as per the government's forecast.

One of your biggest concerns ahead of reopening will be ensuring your premises are a safe, welcoming and friendly environment for you, your staff, and your clients during this unusual and difficult time. 

As the ability to follow social distancing when carrying out any beauty, nail or hair treatment is physically impossible, the beauty industry has unsurprisingly fallen into a category whereby the threat and risk of transmission is high. 

By ensuring you have the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in your salon, you’re actively trying to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 protecting both yourself and your clients.

Whether you operate within a salon, you’re self-employed or a mobile beauty therapist, you will need to use PPE to protect yourself and your clients.

Whilst there are no specific official Government guidelines for the beauty industry, industry associations in close contact with the Government have released back-to-work guidelines to help salon owners during this difficult time. 

What is PPE?

PPE is short for personal protective equipment. It is the equipment that protects you from potential risks and threats to your health and safety whilst at work. 

PPE typically includes items such as face masks, gloves, aprons, and eye protection to name a few. 

PPE helps to prevent people from coming into contact with tiny amounts of the virus in the air which people transmit when they cough or sneeze, or when they touch surfaces.  The equipment can help to prevent people from passing on the virus to another person by covering the mouth, nose, and hands.

What PPE should you wear in your beauty salon?

Whilst there have been no specific guidelines from the Government as to the exact PPE for beauty salons, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) the beauty industry is recommended to wear PPE such as surgical masks, medical-grade gloves, disposable aprons and eye protection.

Although not mentioned by the HSE, other PPE to consider for your beauty salon could include a countertop screen protector for your salon reception areas and nail salons. 

As seen across supermarkets and stores, screen protectors act as a barrier between you and another person so you can both feel at ease during any treatment you may be receiving. 

In addition to surgical face masks, you could also consider high-quality face shields that fit securely over the head with a wide elastic band. This acts as another barrier to protection for your entire face. 

How will PPE cost?

How much PPE will cost for your beauty salon will depend on the PPE you invest in, the quantity and the supplier. 

However, some salon owners may consider increasing their treatment prices to cover the extra costs involved with purchasing PPE. 

With three-month closures for salons across the UK plus the additional expenditure on PPE, many salon owners will be trying to build up income for the money they lost during this unprecedented time. 

Should I ask clients to wear PPE to their appointment?

There has been no official government guidance as to whether clients should wear PPE to their appointments.

Until then, as a salon owner, you should take your own judgment and exercise caution as to whether you and your employees would feel more comfortable if clients came with PPE such as face masks and disposable gloves.

We at Professional Beauty Direct would suggest that salon owners and self-employed beauticians, nail technicians and hairdressers ask the following of their clients:

*To arrive at the time agreed, to maximise social distancing
*To wash their hands and/or use hand sanitiser as directed by you or your team before and after each treatment
*To wear a face mask supplied by you or bring their own
*To contact you to re-arrange their appointment if they have a temperature or are feeling unwell or if any person if their household has the same or is self-isolating.
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