Non Woven Arm Sleeve Covers

The polypropylene sleeve covers with both ends elastic for general use purpose.

It’s ideal for Food industry, Electronics, Laboratory, Manufacturing, Cleanroom, Gardening and Printing.
Features and benefits
  • Min order:

    200,000 Pieces
  • Material:

    20 – 40 g/m² polypropylene nonwoven
  • Color:

    White, blue
  • Size:

    16″( 40x20cm ), 18″( 45x22cm )
  • Application:

    Factory, home, computer room, clean room, laboratory
  • Features:

    Elastic Cuff;Light-weight and cost-effective
  • Packing:

    100pcs/bag, 10bags/ctn 
Product Detail

Non Woven Arm Sleeve Covers

Polypropylene sleeves feature elasticated wrists and elbows for a snug fit to any user. Flexible & light-weight protective armwear fits all adult arms, works great both for men & women. Features include elastic ends, serged seam construction and are tapered for a proper fit. Recommended to wear in cleanrooms & laboratories. 

Durable & Skin-friendly materials:Sleeve is constructed from a breathable non-woven polypropylene fabric. Individually inspected for sizing, stitching and workmanship. Elastic cuffs at both ends provide a snug fit. Latex free/low lint sleeve for use in some critical environments, and many general application areas. Breathable cloth-like fabric is comfortable and cool.

Affordable & Effective Protection: Disposable sleeves easily keep the entire arm covered and protect your shirt sleeves & skin against fiberglass dust, non-hazardous dry particulates, light liquid splashes and aerosols. Best affordable dustproof wrist to elbow protectors over sleeves to keep grease & dirt off and ensure moderate barrier to moisture, gases and odors. 

Widely Used in nonhazardous environments to cover arms & keep skin flakes and hair from contaminating your product. Ideal for laboratories, clean rooms & operation rooms, ambulatory care, hospitals, clinics, animal care, pharmaceutical manufacturing, beauty & tatoo, general maintenance, engineering, automotive, electronic repair, arts & crafts, spray painting, handling powders, processing & packing food, gardening, cleaning.

Low-cost: Poly oversleeves are lightweight, comfortable and cost-effective. These eco-friendly sleeve covers feature affordably priced disposable design. Our lightweight oversleeves offer effective and economical protection. 

Product Information

Product Name Nonwoven sleeves covers
20 – 40 g/m² polypropylene nonwoven
White, blue
Elastic Cuff
Features Light-weight and cost-effective
100pcs/bag, 10bags/ctn 
Factory, home, computer room, clean room, laboratory

Product Details

Convenient, practical and hygienic
Dustproof, hygienic, breathable, comfortable and strong

Seamless crimping
Both sides adopt seamless edge pressing technology, 
which is beautiful and strong, and it is not easy to loose edges.

High-quality non-woven fabric
The sleeves of the packaging material have clear lines and delicate texture.
Pro-muscle and breathable, rejecting stuffy feeling, light and light after wearing

Elastic cuff design
Sewing with high-quality elastic bands to prevent the seal from falling off.
With disposable gloves, palms and arms can be completely covered

Free stretch
There is a high elastic rubber band along the edge, 
which can be freely stretched, convenient and durable.

Disposable sleeves can easily cover the entire arm,
And protect your shirt sleeves and skin from damage

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