Food Storage Plastic Ziplock Bag

Zip lock bags are designed mainly 3 layers or 4 layes with a re-closable plastic zipper track. Consumers can easily close bags numerous times by pressing the zipper track.

It popularly used to pack specimen, medicine, medical apparatus, electronic products, cosmetic, v and so on;Suit for hospital,laboratory,supermarkets, stores and home.

Features and benefits
  • Min order:

    50,000 Pieces
  • Material:

  • Color:

    Transparent/Clear or accept customer customization
  • Size:

  • Weight:

  • Application:

    Food freezing and storage; retail and promotional packaging use; hospitals, electronic equipment
  • Features:

    Easy to open and close
  • Packing:

Product Detail

Food Storage Plastic Ziplock Bag

No more trivial things to travel! No more game chaos in your home! A real life-saving straw, plastic ziplock bags can store many of your items, including food. Make them easy to store and do not take up any space!

Easy Zip Open & Close-Open the bag in 1 second, apply pressure to the seal between the thumb and index finger, slide the seal from different directions, and it will open in 1 second. Slide your thumb and index finger from one side to the other-close, strong zipper seal!

Small plastic bags are great for travel and can be reused many times. You can use them to combine earrings into a pair. It may be difficult to find matching earrings before, and you will often lose them. Now you put them in a separate bag, in a box, so you can find them easily!

Very convenient and sealed-these things can be used for everything from organization to travel. Great, convenient pouch, available in various sizes. The sturdy zipper seal is firm, anti-explosive, not fragile, not thin, 100% food-grade safe, tasteless and non-toxic.

The seal is tight and convenient-maybe you can use a ziplock bag to hide the remaining debris on the model car. It's much better than having a "parts box" with miscellaneous items that you don't know what the kit is. Write on the bag with a marker to know exactly what it is. The bag is tightly sealed, which is very convenient for storing small parts.

Product Information

Zipper Packing Bag
Easy to open and close
Surface Handling
Gravure printing

Product Details

Boneless sealing, stronger bite force
Edge banding technology, flat and tight, not easy to break

Strong toughness, resistance to pulling
Protect the bag from tearing

Waterproof and moisture-proof, protect items from mold

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