Disposable LDPE Safety Work Gloves

The transparent PE Gloves are tensile and durable. It’s safe for food contact and some low risk cooperation. Ideal and economical choice products if low cost gloves are needed.

Widely used for Food Processing, Fast Food, Cafeteria, Painting, Medical, Cleanroom, Laboratory and Hygiene industries.

Features and benefits
  • Min order:

    500 Carton
  • Material:

    Low-Density Polyethylene Resin (LDPE)
  • Color:

    Transparent (Clear),Blue,Black
  • Size:

  • Weight:

  • Features:

    Embossed surface for easy grip,Ambidextrous,Waterproof, preventing ache, alkaline, oil, bacilli More soft, durable and tensile than HDPE Glove
  • Packing:

    100 pcs/bag, 100 bags/carton
Product Detail

Disposable LDPE Safety Work Gloves


Product Name
Disposable LDPE Gloves
0.4g- 2g Or Can Be Customized
Smooth / Embossed Surface
1.Material or other specifications can be according to customers' requirements.
2.Customized Logo / Brand Printed
3.Customized Packaging Available

Product Details

For left and right hands,Fit hand shape

Humanized design suitable for most hand shapes,No need to distinguish between left and right hands,more worry-free

PE material

Choose materials carefully, enjoy the food more at ease

Water and oil proof,Convenient and worry-free

Cook or enjoy food as you like,Not afraid of getting oily hands

Thick and flexible

Peeling shrimp and other ingredients with sharp edgesand corners will not hurt your hands easily

– For Food industry
The gloves can protect people’s hands and keep people’s foods sanitary in deli, bakery, cafeteria, cafe, or other food service operation. These gloves are made of light weight, clear plastic that’s similar to the plastic in take-out bags. Polyethylene gloves are light weight for extra comfort, they are best for light-duty prep tasks like slicing deli meat, sandwich, tossing salad greens, or transferring food from its pan into a steam table. People can throw away these gloves in between prep tasks to prevent cross-contamination and pull a new pair out of the box for easy sanitation.
– For working time
When working in the chemical plants, some chemical raw materials opponents have a strong corrosive, now have a disposable PE gloves the problem of touching the chemical material directly can be easily solved.
– For the medical field
Disposable PE gloves also has the role of anti bacteria. In the medical field, disposable PE gloves isolation effect, can effectively prevent the bacteria on the human body, so disposable PE gloves in the field of medical application is also relatively early. For example, in the test, also very important.
– For household cleaning
Some women love clean, but when cleaning, it is easy to get your hands dirty, greasy cleaning is not good, but for a long time will soak hands dirty, so disposable PE gloves come in handy.
– For baber shop
In some of the barber shop, we often see the barber in the work before the general will wear disposable PE gloves, especially in the hair, such as when the hair dye will be stained with dirty hands, and also very difficult to wash. Disposable PE gloves can solve this big problem.

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