Disposable Dental Bibs Without Tie

Dental bibs are used primarily in dental procedures to keep the patient dry while also maintaining a solid barrier for any bacteria.

Disposable dental bibs also have uses outside the dental office. Tattoo parlors and nail salons can also find a use for these dental bibs to keep their workplaces sanitary at an economical cost.

Features and benefits
  • Min order:

    200000 pcs
  • Material:

    Paper+PE film
  • Color:

    Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, White, Lavender
  • Size:

    33x45cm, 66x45cm
  • Type:

  • Application:

    Dental clinics, tattoo shops, salons, hospitals
  • Features:

    Waterproof and antifouling
  • Packing:

    125 pcs/bag, 4 bags/carton
  • Quality Standard:

Product Detail

Disposable Dental Bibs Without Tie

Patient bibs are the same as dental bibs. While it may be marketed as patient bibs, rest assured that these are the same products. To check if they are the same product, look to see if they are multi ply bibs with both a tissue and polyurethane side. This will ensure that these bibs are both water absorbent and water resistant.

Dental bibs are made of multiple layers of tissue and polyurethane material. You will see dental or patient bibs marketed by their ply. It is most common to see dental bibs come in 2 or 3 ply. The ply most commonly refers to how many layers of tissue paper are included in the bib. The more tissue ply means that there material can absorb any fluids or liquids. While some may prefer 3 ply tissue, it is most common to see professionals go for 2 ply tissue for their patient bib needs.

The other component material of a dental bib is the polyurethane side. This material is what provides the dental bib with its water resistance. To identify which side of a dental bib is the polyurethane side, look to find the side that is shinier. This is the side that is touching the patient when used as a traditional dental bib. When a dental bib is used to hold tools, the polyurethane side should be touching the surface. This ensures that the tools are absorbed by the tissue side while the polyurethane side provides a barrier to ensure that the surface or table does not get wet or damp.

Product Information

Disposable Dental Bib
2 layers of paper+1 layers of PE film
Blue, pink, yellow, green, white, black, etc.
Size 13"x18"(33x45cm), 13"x19"(33cmx48cm) or customization
Widely used in dentistry, when checking the oral cavity, 
put the cushion on the chest to avoid pollution to the clothes
125 pcs/bag 4 bags/carton
Gross weight
Box gauge

Product Details

3-layer process
Tear resistant and not easy to break

It is composed of 2 layers of wood pulp paper and 1 layer of plasticfilm, 
which can improve the strength of tear resistance and waterresistance.

Absorbs water and stains instantly
Embossed lines and waterproof design can provide 
complete protection for clothing and countertops.

Prevent cross infection
The back has a membrane material, 
which is waterproof andprevents blood stains and splashes.

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