Disposable Civil Grade Face Masks

3-Ply spunbonded non-woven polypropylene facemask with elastic earloops. For civil-use, non-medical use.

3 Ply Non-woven Face Mask helps reduce the spread of viruses, germs and bacteria. It provides relief and allows freer breathing for allergy sufferers. The 3 Ply face mask contains a high level static filtration non-woven middle layer to effectively block micro dust and bacteria.

Widely used in Hygiene, Food processing, Food service, Cleanroom, Beauty Spa, Painting, Hair-dye, Laboratory and Pharmaceutical.

Features and benefits
  • Min order:

    100000 pcs
  • Material:

    Ordinary non woven fabric+polypropylene melt-blown non woven fabric+waterproof non-woven
  • Color:

  • Weight:

  • Style:

    Tie on
  • Application:

    For pharmaceutical, laboratorial, industrial sector
  • Packing:

    1.50 pcs/box, 40 boxes/ctn or 20 boxes/ctn;2.1 pcs bag,50 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn
Product Detail

Disposable Civil Grade Face Masks

The difference between disposable civilian masks and disposable medical masks lies in their protective capabilities and production requirements. Disposable civilian masks generally refer to non-woven masks or activated carbon masks, which can block large particles in the air, such as pollen and dust.

Product Information

Product Name
Disposable face mask

Ordinary non woven fabric+polypropylene melt-blown non woven fabric+waterproof non-woven

Tie on
For pharmaceutical, laboratorial, industrial sector
Stored in dry, humidity below 80%, ventilated, non-corrosive gases warehouse

 1.50 pcs/box, 40 boxes/ctn or 20 boxes/ctn

 2.1 pcs bag,50 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn

Packing design

All inner box and carton printing can be customized design.

Packing material will just follow your preference.


1. Material or other specifications can be according to customers' requirements.

2. Customized Logo/brand printed. 

3. Customized packaging available.

Product Details

3D Protection,Fits the Face
All-round fit, no sense of restraint

Effective isolation of pollution

1.Plastic nose sponge, fit all kinds of face
2.Two isolation layers, effectively block the air on both sides
3.The lower isolation layer can effectively overcome the jaw dead angle

3-layer filter protection,To protect the health
The surface is uniformly densely covered with pores,which is comfortable and breathable.

3D fold structure design,Shapeable nose clip desigr
Soft and comfortable, high fit,
large internal space, unblocked breathing

Firmly prevent falling off
Ultrasonic spot welding process
Strong and resistant to pulling

●Before the product is used, check whether the packaging is intact, and confirm the external packaging mark, production date, expiration date, and use within the expiration date.
●This product is a non-sterile product, if the packaging is damaged, it is prohibited to use it;
●This product is a one-time-use product. Please use it as soon as possible after the package is opened. The longest wearing time should not exceed 12 hours.
●Please avoid direct contact with the inside of the mask with your hands during use; after use, the product should be disposed of in accordance with the regulations of the hospital or the environmental protection department;
●Before use, please read the instruction manual carefully.

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