Demand for Antigen Self-test Reagents Rising Rapidly in Asia
Time:Feb 15, 2022

Omicron mutated virus is spreading rapidly around the world. Following Europe and the United States, the demand for COVID-19 antigen reagents in South Korea and Japan has recently increased, and Hong Kong is about to implement rapid nationwide testing. The huge demand and increasingly fierce competition also put forward higher requirements for the performance of COVID-19 detection products. Recently, many Chinese companies have upgraded and iterated on COVID-19 detection products and technologies.

After the Spring Festival, the rise in confirmed cases led to a surge in the demand for rapid antigen self-test kits in South Korea, and pharmacies in many places in South Korea rushed to buy them.

According to CCTV’s report on February 7, self-test kits were snapped up in South Korea, mainly because South Korea officially launched the Omicron response system from the 3rd of this month, and most ordinary people no longer receive nucleic acid tests directly at the test points. , but first perform a self-test using a self-test kit. Therefore, the South Korean government has decided to give priority to the supply of self-test kits to various testing sites and community hospitals, and strictly limit the number of purchases from retail pharmacies, resulting in uneven supply. On the other hand, the recent surge in confirmed cases has made South Koreans very uneasy. Many people think that it is better to buy a home for self-checking instead of risking being infected to go to a testing point.

Hong Kong will also introduce rapid nationwide testing this month. According to China News Service, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, said on February 4 that the COVID-19 in Hong Kong is getting more and more serious, and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government will implement a series of measures to strengthen testing and quarantine, including the re-establishment of the "Fire Eye Laboratory" and the implementation of national We hope to take a multi-pronged approach to detect and cut off the chain of virus transmission as soon as possible. The SAR government has procured tens of millions of rapid test kits for COVID-19, which will arrive in Hong Kong one after another next week. At that time, the rapid self-testing of the whole people will be implemented, that is, every citizen can use the rapid test kits to test for COVID-19.

Recently, sales of Japan's COVID-19 antigen detection kits have surged. Kyodo News reported on January 25 that due to the rapid spread of the new mutant strain of the Coronavirus disease "Omicron", the antigen detection kits to check for infection are out of stock, and domestic manufacturers in Japan have launched an emergency production increase system. According to the report, even if Japanese domestic manufacturers increase production, because most of them rely on imports, it is difficult to quickly resolve the shortage situation, and the delay in testing may have a negative impact on the medical system and social and economic activities.

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