BlueSail Medical intends to integrate the glove business internally
Time:Mar 04, 2022

In response to the internal asset restructuring, Bluesail Medical announced that the company intends to transfer some of the assets and liabilities related to the production and operation of the health protection glove business owned by Bluesail Medical to the wholly-owned subsidiary Zibo New Technology through the transfer of assets and liabilities. Materials, Zibo Health Technology.

In response to the current epidemic, the demand for gloves has attracted investors' attention. Previously, Lansail Medical stated on the investor interaction platform that the first phase (10 billion pieces/year) of the company's "20 billion pieces/year high-end health protection nitrile gloves project" has achieved full production. The successive release of the company's gloves has resulted in an increase in both production and sales.

At the same time, Bluesail Medical also stated that it is expected that the profit margin level of the glove industry will gradually return to the state before the epidemic. At the same time, in the field of high-value consumables, Bluesail Medical will also firmly take the road of innovation, and will continue to increase in the next five years. Invest in R&D and enrich product structure to improve revenue and comprehensive competitiveness.

In response to this internal reorganization, Bluesail Medical stated that the company will straighten out the equity relationships of dozens of domestic and foreign subsidiaries of Cardiovascular, laying a solid foundation for the long-term strategic development of the high-value consumables business segment and the next step in operation and capital planning.

As a long-term partner of JINYE, Blue Sail will continue to provide customers with better products and better services.

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