Why use yellow garbage bags for medical waste?
Time: Mar 02, 2022

Not all Medical waste Biohazard Bags are yellow garbage bags. There are three or more colors of medical waste bags, black bags for domestic waste, yellow bags for medical waste, and medical sharps boxes for damaging waste.

According to the "Medical Waste Management Regulations" and "Medical Waste Classification Catalog", medical waste is divided into the following 5 categories:

1. Infectious waste.

2. Pathological waste.

3. Damaged waste.

4. Pharmaceutical waste.

5. Chemical waste.

The hospital has established a strict garbage classification and collection system. All waste is placed in waste bags marked with the corresponding colors. When 3/4 full, a dedicated recycler will seal the bag and ship it. Medical waste is not allowed to leak or spill during transportation, and it cannot be stored for too long. Disposers of medical waste shall carry out legal awareness education on the basis of professional training. These works will ensure the smooth progress of medical waste disposal.

A series of work such as the collection, transportation, temporary storage and disposal of medical waste shall be handled in accordance with regulations. The whole process from the medical waste production site to the incineration treatment site for harmless treatment must be brought into the legal management track, and strict management and scientific management must be adhered to.

Medical waste generated by medical institutions must be strictly distinguished. General medical waste in yellow plastic bags, hazardous waste in red plastic bags, infectious waste in white plastic bags, ordinary waste in black plastic bags, and sharp waste in rigid containers.

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