Why do doctors wear blue or green overalls during surgery?
Time: Feb 21, 2022

This question involves the concept of a complementary color afterimage.

The main reason is that blue-green is the opposite color of red. When the surgeon performs an operation for a long time, all he sees is a patch of blood. In other words, after looking at bright red and dark red for a long time, the human brain will have a saturation phenomenon, which will cause the brain to become saturated. fatigue. After fatigue, the human eye's ability to distinguish the color of the "red" area will decrease, causing you to be unable to distinguish the subtle differences in the red area.

In addition, the reason why people in medicine can see things is because the light emitted by the object is transmitted to the brain nerves through the retina and nerve electricity, which takes a short time, so when the object no longer emits light, the brain still retains the object light signal, this phenomenon is called "visual residual". Just like when we watch a movie, the discontinuous things from frame to frame are connected to form a lively movie.

Similarly, during the operation, if the doctor keeps staring at the blood for the operation, sometimes the operation may take several hours, which is much longer than your 30s. After a long time, the vision will definitely be tired. With a white wall, the doctor will see the shadow of blue-green (white contains all colors, because the human body is tired of red, and the relative blue-green is strengthened, so the doctor will see the shadow of blue-green), which has a great influence on the doctor. 

And blue or green, as the relative color of red, its role is to help doctors refresh their minds of red impression, so that vision and brain are not "desensitized" to red, so the clothes and surgical drapes in the operating room, If there is no accident, it is blue or green; patients who have been to the operating room may also find that the walls of the operating room are often painted close to blue-green, in order to resist the visual brain fatigue of red.

Therefore, for surgeons, the white coat is suitable, and it looks safe and secure when you are dry; but during the operation, for the safety of the patient's operation, the blue-green medical surgical gown is the most suitable! ! !

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