What are the classifications of medical protective clothing?
Time: Dec 07, 2021

1. Ordinary PP non-woven protective clothing

This is a protective suit made of PP spunbond non-woven fabric, generally weighing 35~60gsm. It has the advantages of breathability, dust resistance, and tensile strength, but the difference between the front and the back is not obvious, and it is not waterproof. Therefore, this type of medical protective clothing is ordinary, low-grade protective clothing, which is mostly worn by patients.

2. Covered non-woven protective clothing

It is mainly made of laminated non-woven fabric, and its general weight is 35~45gsm. It has the advantages of waterproofing, good bacteria isolation, obvious distinction between front and back, and good hand feeling, but the air permeability is not so good. Because the outer layer has a layer of plastic film to prevent liquid leakage, it can be used in places with pollution and viruses, so it is often used in infectious wards of hospitals.

3. SMS non-woven protective clothing

It is made of three-layer composite non-woven fabric, with a waterproof layer in the middle, and the outer layer is Sesame Dot SMS non-woven fabric, which is strong and tensile, with isolation, waterproof and breathable functions, and the weight is generally 35-60gsm. Commonly used in surgical operations and hospital visitors.

4. Breathable film non-woven protective clothing

Use PP polypropylene, covered with PE breathable film, generally use 30g PP+30g PE breathable film. Therefore, it has strong air permeability, better anti-permeability, and has high impact resistance while resisting a variety of organic solvents, acid and alkali corrosion.

The mechanical properties are strong and the texture is soft and comfortable. It is non-combustible, non-toxic, non-irritating, and harmless to the skin. It is bacteria-resistant, waterproof, slightly breathable, and soft in texture. It is the most advanced medical protective clothing for medical protection.

The characteristic is that the sweat of the human body can radiate outwards, but the harmful gases and moisture from the outside cannot invade. In addition, breathable non-woven fabrics are also used in surgical gowns, surgical drapes and isolation gowns.
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