The secret of nitrile gloves
Time: Dec 22, 2021

Some people have asked before: I used to read your article and said that disposable black nitrile gloves have anti-puncture performance. Why would they still be damaged under the circumstances?

correct! Nitrile gloves do have certain anti-puncture performance, but this does not mean that nitrile gloves are unlikely to be damaged under all conditions.

Especially when you don’t apply it, it will be damaged. This is actually related to the method you usually apply.

What causes the damage of nitrile gloves?

The most common specifications of nitrile gloves are S, M, and L. When choosing gloves, you must choose the corresponding specifications according to your own gestures.

If the selection is too large or too small, it will not match the shape of your hand, and it is easy to cause damage to the glove.

Before applying nitrile gloves, the quality of the gloves should be strictly monitored to check whether they are damaged or not, so as to ensure that the puncture technique can achieve a certain compressive strength.

It is recommended not to wear lightweight nitrile gloves for work that has high compressive strength or often touch sharp equipment, such as car repairs, processing and manufacturing, etc., otherwise the nitrile gloves will be accidentally scratched by sharp objects. hurt.

It is recommended that you can choose thicker, durable, nitrile protective rubber gloves for better safety protection.

Although nitrile gloves can resist acid and alkali (hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, etc.) and alkali-resistant primers (sodium hydroxide solution, ferric chloride solution, etc.), they have good resistance to organic chemicals, but this does not mean that nitrile gloves can resist All chemicals, such as dimethylformamide, chloroform, dichloroethane, formic acid, benzaldehyde, butyl acetate, etc.

If you wear nitrile gloves to touch this chemical for a long time in the laboratory, it is very easy to be corroded. It is necessary to understand that the safety protection performance of nitrile gloves for this test reagent is relatively poor.
However, you must wear protective gloves when doing the test. If you encounter this chemical immediately on your hands, it is more likely to cause damage to the skin. Wearing protective gloves can also prevent liquid splashing on the skin of your hands and reduce arm damage.

It is recommended that the time period for wearing disposable nitrile gloves should not be too long. Nitrile gloves will age after being used for a long time, and cracks will continue to occur after embrittlement, and the safety protection effect cannot be achieved! It is also important to change nitrile gloves on time.

Everyone should keep in mind that protective safety gloves are also a kind of protective weapon and equipment necessary to maintain the life safety and physical and mental health of employees in the production process. Whether it is industrial production, biochemical experiments or medical protection, protective gloves are reducing occupational diseases. Plays a very critical function.

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