The role of medical waste bags?
Time: Mar 02, 2022

What is medical waste?

Medical waste refers to wastes with direct or indirect contagion, toxicity and other hazards produced by medical and health institutions in medical treatment, prevention, health care and other related activities. Medical waste is divided into five categories: infectious waste, damaging waste, pathological waste, chemical waste, and pharmaceutical waste.

Such as: wastes of plastic, rubber, cotton, fibers and other materials contaminated by patient blood, body fluids, infectious excrement. Pathogen culture medium, specimens, strains, and virus seed preservation solutions discarded in microbiology laboratories; various discarded medical specimens. Domestic garbage generated by isolated infectious disease patients and suspected infectious disease patients. Discarded metal sharps include medical needles, suture needles, acupuncture needles, probes, puncture needles and various guide wires, steel nails, surgical saws, etc. There are also some expired, obsolete, spoiled or contaminated waste medicines.

What is a medical waste disposal bags?

It is directly or indirectly infectious, toxic and other hazardous wastes produced by medical institutions in medical treatment, prevention, health care and other related activities, including infectious, pathological, damaging, pharmaceutical and chemical. waste. These wastes contain a large amount of viruses, and have certain characteristics of space pollution, acute viral infection and latent infection.

If management is not strengthened, discarded at will, and allowed to mix with domestic waste and disperse into people's living environment, it will pollute the atmosphere, water sources, land, animals and plants, cause transmission, and seriously endanger people's physical and mental health. All medical waste and household waste must not be mixed. This is also the reason why medical waste bags are mostly yellow with obvious identification marks. Some special medical wastes also use red medical waste bags.

It is not feasible in theory to use medical garbage bags to pack domestic garbage. In practice, we can’t take some luck and think that it’s okay to have a few times, it doesn’t matter, everyone thinks this way, it will be troublesome.

The medical garbage bag itself is just a garbage bag, but because of the special nature of the garbage collected, it is infectious and harmful. The meaning of the medical waste bag that carries it becomes different.

Therefore, in addition to the role of medical waste bags, the greater role of medical waste bags is the significance of their use as medical waste bags!

Is all medical waste medical waste?

It has no harm to people and the environment or has a very low degree of harm; it is not polluted by the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions and excrement; it can be disposed of as domestic waste, or can be recycled and reused in a standardized way. Such as: diapers, paper towels and daily necessities used by patients, disposable pillow towels, non-woven fabrics, outer packaging, chemical ice packs, shoe covers, sleeve covers, general reagent empty bottles, etc. (Note: In practice, some single-use instruments or items that are difficult to confirm whether they are contaminated should still be disposed of as medical waste.)

Medical waste garbage bags are widely used in medical waste disposal sites and hospitals, clinics and other medical places across the country. The size specification is based on the trash can used by the customer, and supports customization. For more information, please contact JINYE!

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