Selection criteria for disposable medical gloves
Time: Dec 29, 2021

In daily housework, dyeing hair, overhauling, taking care of small pets, etc., students who attend anatomy classes, do tests, etc. inevitably need to wear disposable medical gloves.

With so many types of medical gloves, how to choose?

First to grasp the classification of medical gloves

Medical gloves are divided into two categories: one is medical examination gloves, and the other is general medical gloves. Most of the "medical examination gloves" people use in daily life are short gloves (the length just covers the wrist), the versatility of left and right hands, and non-independent packaging. It is marked "Medical Examination Gloves" on the outer packing box.

JINYE can provide medical surgical gloves and medical examination gloves, which can meet the needs of hospitals or families.

Disposable medical gloves show

Classified according to materials: PVC gloves, nitrile gloves, natural latex gloves, new materials are water-based polyurethane gloves.

The four types of gloves made of different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you must consider which one is suitable for you.

1. Skin allergies: If you are allergic to latex, or are prone to allergies, then first remove natural latex gloves;
PVC and nitrile are also likely to cause skin allergies due to the addition of different ingredients of modifiers; water-based polyurethane is a substance that replaces organic solvents with tap water, has no irritating taste, and is safer and less prone to skin allergies.
The main manifestations and levels of skin allergies depend on the differences in physical fitness.
Refer to the ranking of skin allergies: natural latex gloves (very easy to skin allergies)> PVC gloves (easy to skin allergies)> nitrile gloves (less skin allergies)> water-based polyurethane gloves.

2. Poor ventilation effect: If you must wear disposable gloves for a long time, it is recommended to consider ventilation performance and comfort.
The breathability of PVC is weak, the hands are very prone to sweating, and the fingers are prone to blistering and shedding after a long time.
Poor ventilation effect persuasion ranking: PVC gloves (poor ventilation)> nitrile gloves> water-based polyurethane gloves> natural latex gloves.

3. Insufficient malleability: good malleability, plasticity, cater to the arm, stretch and resilience without deformation... If you want to bring a comfortable, flexible and practical operation of various practical tools, you must consider the malleability and thickness of the glove , Fit degree (the visual experience is that it is very easy to carry, take off, wear it in the hand and not sticky and not slip off).

Natural latex gloves have the best elasticity; water-based polyurethane gloves are resistant to tension and have good resilience. PVC has poor ductility, but nitrile has moderate ductility.
Therefore, the persuasion ranking is: PVC>Nitrile>Waterborne polyurethane>Natural latex gloves.

For hardware factory applications, watches, mobile phones, and computers, it is not recommended to choose "natural latex gloves". Since natural latex gloves are not anti-static, they will endanger the high-precision operation of instruments.
For the same reason, it is not recommended to choose natural latex gloves in winter, which are not anti-static.

It is not recommended to choose PVC if you are actually operating practical tools, you must be dexterously grasping objects, and you must touch the screen to actually operate the machine and equipment. It is strongly recommended that natural latex gloves with good suitability and strong plasticity are recommended.

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