Outdoor artifact first aid blanket, learn about
Time: Mar 15, 2022

When it comes to marathons, what do you think are the essential items for running a marathon? Water, electrolyte drinks, energy supplements, large towels, clean clothes... In addition to these more conventional necessities, I would like to introduce a super powerful new friend - first aid blanket.

It is small in size and very easy to carry. When folded, it is only the size of a palm, and when unfolded, it becomes a silver film that can wrap your entire body.

The emergency survival blanket is plated with silver and gold aluminum foil on both sides, and it is very light in weight, about ten grams.

It seems inconspicuous, but it is extremely powerful. In a low temperature environment, wearing it can keep 80% of its own heat from dissipating.

So, what is the principle of first aid blanket to keep warm?

1. Add insulation to keep warm.

The thermal insulation layer is generally some fluffy material, which uses the air mixed after the fluffy to form a non-flowing air layer on the surface of the object. The air itself is a poor conductor of heat, so it can play a certain role in keeping warm. General down and cotton use this method to keep warm. The aluminum film in the aluminum-plastic film of the emergency blanket uses this principle to ensure that a layer of air on the surface of the human body is stable and does not flow.

2. Heat-reflecting heat preservation.

Use highly reflective materials to reflect thermal radiation back. We all know that white clothes are cooler than black clothes because white is more reflective than black and can reflect sunlight back. The aluminum contained in the emergency blanket is a highly reflective material, which can reflect the heat radiation emitted by the human body back, and its heat reflection efficiency is as high as 90%. This effectively reduces the rate of heat dissipation of the human body.

Speaking of which, you may think that the first aid blanket is an essential tool for keeping warm when climbing snowy mountains. In fact, in general outdoor activities, one should also be prepared by hand.

For example, when going out in winter, when the temperature is extremely low and the temperature of the sleeping bag is not enough, the first aid blanket comes in handy. Spread the first aid blanket in the tent to keep you warm. Also, wrap the first aid blanket around the outside of the sleeping bag to keep you warm and give you a good night's sleep.

In the summer, emergency blankets also make a big difference. Wearing it on the head, face and body can play the role of sunscreen. If you accidentally fall into the water, or encounter a heavy rain, when your whole body is soaked, wrap your body with an emergency blanket. Even if you are completely submerged in water, as long as you open it and shake off the water droplets when you use it, it will not affect the warmth retention effect at all.

When it rains, it can also be used urgently to set up a temporary tent or a temporary rain poncho.

When you need to spend the night in the mountains without any equipment, the first aid blanket is your sleeping bag, which can be directly covered or placed on the ground as a moisture-proof pad when sleeping.

The strength of the life-saving blanket is very high, so it can also be used as a simple outdoor emergency stretcher.

If you encounter danger outdoors, the strong reflection will make it easier for rescuers to find it. It is simply the light of survival in the wild!

If you lose your gear in an accident and get stuck in a desperate situation, this thin survival blanket in your pocket can prop up your confidence and protect you until rescue comes.

Small objects with big functions, the emergency rescue blanket is an essential artifact for home travel. There is one in our JINYE first aid kit~ Prepare one at hand to add an extra point to our life safety and enjoy the beautiful outdoor time.

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