Medical Tape, You Never Really Know It
Time: Nov 24, 2021
What kind of performance does medical tape need?

1. Need higher adhesion:
Medical tape is mainly used for the fixation of materials in surgery, the treatment of wounds, and the fixation of infusion needle tubes. This requires that it must have high adhesion. It is necessary to fix the medicine and fix the wound in the process of wound dressing.There are medical paper tape and Medical Adhesive PE Tape.

2. Need higher toughness:
Wounds bandaged with tape need to be able to effectively prevent the wound from tearing and to avoid secondary injuries.

3. Need to be easy to operate:
Regardless of whether it is bandaging or fixing, it is more urgent when medical tape is used. Therefore, medical tape needs to be more convenient to operate, easy to unpack, and easy to tear. Avoid delaying the treatment time during the operation.

4. Need ventilation:
Medical tape often adheres to the surface of the skin, and it takes a long time to adhere. Therefore, a certain degree of air permeability is required to avoid causing skin discomfort.

Because of the special requirements of the use occasion, the high standard of medical tape is caused. In order to meet these requirements, what material should medical tape be made of?

Material and composition of medical tape

There is a special ingredient in medical tape-zinc. Zinc is a kind of trace element, its content in the human body and daily intake are very small, but it can play a decisive role in the body's sexual development, sexual function, and the production of germ cells. Zinc is mainly found in seafood and animal offal, but other foods contain very little zinc. The zinc oxide in the medical tape is an essential element in the production, but it will not cause harm to the body.

How to use medical tape

Medical tape is suitable for sterilizing cotton cloth bags, cross-shaped bags, pressure steam, ethylene oxide, and formaldehyde sterilization used by medical units and enterprises. Hospital sterilization packaging medical tape can be used in the central sterilization supply room, operating room, dentistry, etc.


1. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the skin and let it dry.
2. Attach the tape flatly from the center to the outside without tension. To ensure that the tape can be adhered firmly, at least 2.5cm should be attached to the skin along the edge of the dressing.
3. After the tape is fixed, press gently on the tape to make the tape firmly stick to the skin.

Precautions :
1. It cannot replace sutures, hemostasis, skin disinfection, drying and other measures.
2. When there is blood or exudate from the wound, it cannot be directly attached to the wound.
3. When removing the medical tape, be careful not to tear off the catheter or other instruments covered by it.

The characteristics of medical tape

Medical tape has good air permeability, non-toxic and non-irritating, relatively mild in nature, and good adhesion. It does not hurt the skin, sticks firmly, does not fall off easily, and has no residual glue when it is removed. It is a substitute for traditional tape. Medical tape should be applied evenly without degumming, leaking, and backside leaking. When unwinding, there must be no peeling or delamination of the adhesive layer. The peel strength of the medical tape should not be less than 1.0N/cm. The holding viscosity should not be greater than 2.5mm. The ratio of the recovery length to the full extension length of the elastic medical tape should not be more than 80%. When the water-blocking medical tape is tested according to YY/T 0471.3-2004, there should be no water seepage. When the comfortable medical tape is tested according to YY/T 0471.4-2004, the stretchability is not more than 14N/cm. When tested according to YY/T 0471.4-2004, the permanent deformation should not exceed 5N/cm.

A small piece of tape contains so many thoughts from the designer. Medical tape can only enter the medical field after undergoing strict screening, which also confirms the stringent standards of the medical industry. Jinye also has such a useful medical tape~

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