Is there a difference between isolation gowns, protective clothing, and surgical gowns?
Time: Feb 21, 2022

3 major differences between isolation gowns, protective clothing, and surgical gowns

1. Different production requirements

①Disposable isolation gown

The main function of isolation gowns is to protect staff and patients, prevent the spread of pathogenic microorganisms, and avoid cross-infection. Therefore, there is no corresponding technical standard. It is only required that the length of the isolation gown should be appropriate, and there should be no holes. When putting on and taking off, pay attention to avoid pollution.

②Disposable protective clothing

Its basic requirements are to block viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances, so as to protect medical staff from being infected during diagnosis, treatment and nursing; to meet normal functional requirements, and to have good wearing comfort and safety. It is mainly used in industrial, It is used in electronic, medical, chemical and bacterial infection-proof environments. Medical protective clothing has technical requirements for medical disposable protective clothing.

③ Disposable surgical gown

Surgical gowns should be impermeable, sterile, one-piece, and have no caps. Generally, the cuff of the surgical gown is elastic, which is easy to wear, and it is beneficial to wear sterile hand gloves. It is not only used to protect medical staff from contamination by infectious substances, but also to protect the sterile state of surgically exposed parts. A series of standards related to surgical gowns (YY/T0506). This standard is similar to the European standard EN13795. The standard has clear requirements for the barrier properties, strength, microbial penetration, and comfort of surgical gown materials.

2. Different functions

①Disposable isolation gown

Protective equipment used for medical personnel to avoid contamination by blood, body fluids, and other infectious substances, or to protect patients from infection. Isolation gowns not only prevent medical staff from being infected or contaminated, but also prevent patients from being infected, which is a two-way isolation.

②Disposable protective clothing

Disposable protective equipment worn by clinical medical staff when they come into contact with patients with infectious diseases of Class A or managed according to Class A infectious diseases. Protective clothing is to prevent medical staff from being infected and is a single item of isolation.

③ Disposable surgical gown

The surgical gown plays a two-way protective role during the operation. First, the surgical gown establishes a barrier between the patient and the medical staff, reducing the probability of the medical staff coming into contact with potential sources of infection such as the patient's blood or other body fluids during the operation; secondly, the surgical gown can block colonization/adherence to the medical staff's skin or clothes Various bacteria on the surface are transmitted to surgical patients, effectively avoiding cross-infection of multidrug-resistant bacteria such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-resistant enterococcus (VRE). Therefore, the barrier function of surgical gowns is regarded as the key to reduce the risk of infection during surgery.

3. Different user indications

①Disposable isolation gown

1. When in contact with patients with infectious diseases transmitted by contact, such as patients with infectious diseases, patients with multidrug-resistant bacteria infection, etc.

2. When carrying out protective isolation of patients, such as the diagnosis, treatment and nursing of patients with extensive burns and bone marrow transplants.

3. It may be splashed by the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions, and filth.

4. When entering key departments such as ICU, NICU, protective ward, etc., whether it is necessary to wear isolation gowns should depend on the purpose of medical personnel's entry and their contact with patients.

5. Workers in various industries are used for two-way protection.

②Disposable protective clothing

Contact with patients with infectious diseases transmitted by air and droplets may be splashed by the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions, and feces.

③ Disposable surgical gown

After strict aseptic disinfection, it is used for invasive treatment of patients in specialized operating rooms.

JINYE can provide various types of disposable protective clothing, disposable surgical gowns and disposable isolation gowns. The use of the three is an important measure for the prevention and control of infection in hospitals, and plays an important role in protecting patients and medical workers.

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