Introduction of medical sharps box
Time: Feb 16, 2022

A sharps box is a medical storage box used to collect sharps such as syringes, small glass products, blades, suture needles, etc. The sharp tool box is one-time use. According to the national requirements, it must be recycled by the medical waste disposal unit within 24 hours, and completely and safely incinerated within 48 hours.

1. Needles that can collect syringes, infusion sets, and single-use items;

2. Collect medical small glass products, various types of blades, scalp needles, suture needles and other sharps;

3. Collect blood-filled syringes, blood transfusion sets and other medical equipment that come into contact with blood;

4. The medical sharp container is made of new polypropylene material, does not contain PVC, which is convenient, safe, non-toxic, puncture-resistant, non-leakage, and easy to burn at high temperature. Once closed it cannot be opened without breaking.

Skills requirement
1. The needle disposal waste box is made of hard material as a whole, which is closed and puncture-proof to ensure that the contents in the sharps box are not spills, and once the sharps box is sealed, it cannot be opened again without breaking it.

2. When using high temperature heat treatment technology to dispose of damaging waste, the sharps box should not use polyvinyl chloride material.

3. The overall color of the sharps box is light yellow, and the color should meet the requirements. A warning sign should be printed on the side of the sharps box, with the warning words "WARNING! DAMAGE WASTE".

4. The full-loaded sharps box is free to fall from a height of 1.2m to the concrete floor, 3 times in a row, without breaking or being stabbed
wear, etc.

5. The size of JINYE's sharps box is determined according to user requirements, providing high-quality sharps boxes.

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