How to buy A4 printing paper (paper buying guide)
Time: Mar 10, 2022

Paper is one of the basic office supplies, and this shopping guide gives you some advice, some tips, and some tips to choose the best paper for you.

1. Know the format of the paper
Paper format A5 (148 x 210 mm)

Paper format A4 (210 x 297 mm)

Paper format A3 (297 x 420 mm)

2. Understand the weight distinction of printing paper
First, the weight of the paper is only an indirect measure of thickness. It describes the weight of one square meter of paper of this material, the thicker a piece of paper, the heavier it is.

So when we talk about a sheet of 80 grams of paper, it actually means that the material weighs 80 grams per square meter.

These papers are commonly used in printers and copiers. If you want a paper with a little more "feel", you need 90 or 100 grams of paper.

From 150 grams, the paper gets harder and harder.

200g paper is a compromise between rigidity and flexibility, and most inkjet and laser printers can handle papers up to 224g!

350 grams of paper is fairly stiff and 400 grams is very stiff.

Note that the stiffness of the paper increases with weight, which directly affects the operability of the paper and therefore the efficiency of the printing equipment.

3. What weight corresponds to what type of document?
We call it grams, the weight of one gram of paper per square meter. This is closely related to the thickness of the paper: the heavier the gram, the thicker and stiffer the paper. Conversely, low-gram paper will be finer and more flexible. So depending on the document you're printing, you won't be using the same grams. For example, business cards must be higher in grams than posters.

low grams
Log papers range in grams from 35 to 42g/m²; papers typically used for letter writing range from 65 to 75g/m²: they are fine papers, cannot withstand double-sided printing, and are relatively Fragile.

Standard grams
The most common gram is 80g/m², which is the standard paper used for printers. This paper is also fine, but can withstand double-sided printing, ideally 90g/m².

JINYE provides standard A4 printing paper, which is smooth, clear and does not produce dust when used on the machine. is high quality printer/office copy paper

High grams
Higher grams correspond to harder media. 120g/m² is the so-called cardboard, usually used for dossiers on the front page, brochures, explanatory notes... Posters and posters usually have grams in the range of 90 to 180g/m². The grams of leaflet are between 90 and 250 g/m2 depending on the desired stiffness of the carrier, but between 170 and 350 g/m2 are usually used. On the other hand, 200 g/m² is only used for photo paper. Business cards, postcards, greeting cards... between 250 and 350 g/m². Finally, the gram count for a folder library associated with an academic paper or thesis type is about 430g/m².

4. How to calculate the weight of a piece of A4 copy paper?
The formula for calculating paper weight is: the area of the paper multiplied by the weight per square meter of the paper
For example, to calculate the weight of a piece of A4 paper with 80 grams per square meter = 0.21(m) x 0297(m) x 80(g/m²)=4.99 g

Fifth, measure the whiteness of the paper
The whiteness of paper is measured by the CIE index. The higher the index, the whiter the paper and the better your document will look. This is a very important value that directly affects the quality of black and white prints and the contrast strength of color prints.

CIE less than 159:
Classic white, these papers are more used for in-house printing, copying, faxing, drafting...

CIE 159-163:
Medium to high white, if your index is between 160 and 168, you'll get a very good contrast and print clarity.

CIE 164 and above:
Premium white, very high quality, these papers are recommended for important documents and duplex printing.

6. Check the compatibility of paper and printer
Machine-paper compatibility was critical in the past, but this is no longer the case. For example, a sheet of "inkjet" paper works well with laser printers and vice versa. However, it is good to know the characteristics of the machine to ensure the correct machine selection.

laser paper
They can resist the heat of the laser printing system of a copier or printer. The piece of paper output by the machine will not be deformed, and it is most suitable for quickly outputting color text or graphics.

inkjet paper
Their finish dries inks on paper quickly and provides excellent water absorption for vibrant colors.

multipurpose paper
In everyday use, they can be used for simple applications (fax, email, copy, drafts...) or more complex work (reports, presentations...). They work on copiers, laser printers, and inkjets.

7. Design and purpose of paper
As mentioned above, weight is not the only characteristic of paper. There are different types of paper depending on how they are designed and made:

Coating: This paper is characterized by a smooth surface with a glossy or glossy coating. It is suitable for any type of printing that requires excellent color finishing.
Recycled: This paper is made from other recycled paper and fibers.
Photo: This type of paper has a rougher surface.

Three questions remain critical in determining your final choice of paper:

What are you going to print? A single text file is not the same as presenting charts and pictures, or vacation photos. The paper you use will determine the quality and clarity of the colors.
What is the purpose of your file? A written submission to public administration is not the same as a triptych document or an information leaflet. Depending on the type of paper chosen, the exact effect we want to achieve will vary, so this is another factor to consider.
What printer are you using? It's not just the paper type that determines the final quality of the print: the printer you choose can also play a role. The choice of inkjet printer model, laser printer, or thermal printer can also affect document finishing.

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