How much do you know about the advantages and disadvantages of different dressings?
Time: Nov 24, 2021
Dressing is an indispensable external medicine for wounds, postoperative wounds, and open wounds. It can cover the surface of the wound and promote healing. However, each dressing has advantages and disadvantages, so when choosing a dressing, we need to choose according to our own wound situation. Suitable dressing. How much do you know about them?

1. Transparent Film Wound Dressing

Advantages: low price; good catering; conducive to self-soluble debridement; avoid wound friction; can observe the wound condition without cleaning; maintain proper environmental humidity of the wound bed to avoid infection.

Defects: It is likely to adhere to some wounds; it cannot be used for wounds with moderate to severe extravasation; the wound is sealed, which is likely to cause presoaking of the surrounding skin.

2. Medical Foam Wound Dressing

Advantages: comfortable, non-adhesive wounds; high digestion and absorption; low frequency of dressing changes required;

Defects: It is very likely that you must apply a two-layer dressing or tape to immobilize; if there is a lot of exudate, if it is not removed immediately, it is likely to cause presoaking of the skin around the wound; it should not be used for eschar or dry wounds; Some foam dressings cannot be used for some types of wounds, such as wounds on the sensation or sinus tract.

3, Medical Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing

Advantages: can promote self-soluble debridement; closed wound bed to maintain the wound; moisture-proof and bacteria-proof, with light and moderate exudate absorption.

Defects: It is very likely that there will be residues left on the wound bed, which is mistaken for infection; the edge of the dressing is very easy to roll in the parts that are very prone to friction; sometimes it cannot be used if the infection is present. After digestion and absorption of the exudate, the dressing part will turn white, which is likely to cause misunderstanding. It is very sticky. If it is removed within a short period of time, the dressing may cause skin damage when the dressing is still very sticky.

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