Are medical gloves made of pvc or latex?
Time: Feb 10, 2022

Medical gloves can be divided into: disposable sterilized latex gloves, disposable latex gloves (sterilized when used), and disposable exam gloves.

The reusable gloves can be divided into: rubber oil-resistant gloves (for contact with mineral oil, vegetable oil and various aliphatic solvents), acid and alkali resistant gloves (for contact with acid and alkali solutions) gloves), plastic-impregnated gloves (for waterproof, detergent, dirt and minor mechanical injuries, only suitable for cleaners and other similar types of gloves).

General medical surgical gloves are sterilized latex gloves, which have good toughness, high elasticity, and fit the skin; while examination gloves are usually sterilized latex gloves, nitrile gloves or PVC gloves.

PVC gloves are not as tough and fit as latex gloves and cannot be used as surgical gloves, but they can be used as examination gloves. Moreover, the price of pvc gloves is cheaper than that of rubber gloves, and it is resistant to weak acids and alkalis, which is completely acceptable for medical examinations.

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