Adhesive Medical Nonwoven Sterile Dressing

Non-woven Dressing is made of non-woven fabric, which has strong water absorption and is an ideal substitute for gauze sheets. Its packaging can be divided into ordinary packaging and sterilization packaging.

Non-Woven Dressing is for use on light to moderate draining wounds, superficial and partial-thickness wounds, IV catheter sites, incision sites, cuts and lacerations and to secure or cover devices.
Features and benefits
  • Min order:

    10,000 Pieces
  • Material:

    Non-woven Fabric,Absorbent Cotton,Release Paper
  • Color:

  • Size:

  • Type:

    Ethylene Oxide Sterilization
  • Application:

    Wound Care
  • Features:

    Anti-Allergy, Ventilation
  • Packing:

    1PCS/Pouch, 50PCS/Box, 25PCS/Box
Product Detail

Adhesive Medical Nonwoven Sterile Dressing

1. Non-woven Dressing is soft and comfortable, and has strong air permeability. Soft non-woven fabric with high breathability, reduces the risk of maceration. Soft nonwoven fabric allows the dressing to be conformable to all wound sites.

2. Non-woven Dressing has no fluff and thread and does not shed swarf, so it can reduce the risk of wound irritation.

3. No fluorescent agent, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing.

4. Its water absorption is strong, and it is economical and environmentally friendly. Highly absorbent pad, absorbs exudates quickly and helps to protect the wound from further trauma whilst maintaining a good healing environment.

5. Low adherent wound contact layer, minimizes pain when changing or removing and ensures patient comfort.

6. Hypoallergenic adhesive, minimizes the risk of an allergic response. Providing a safe and secure dressing fixation over the wound site, even the more difficult areas like shoulders and axillae.

7. Round corners, reduces occurences of lifting or snag, helping the dressing stay in place longer.

Product Information

Product Name
Medical Sterile Dressing
Composed of glued non-woven fabric, absorbent cotton, release paper, etc.
10*10cm,10*15cm,10*20cm,10*25cm,Other sizes can be customized
It is suitable for covering wounds and incisions in surgical operations.
Storage conditions
It is recommended to store in an environment with humidity ≤80%, 
ventilation and shading, and no corrosive gas.
OEM Order

Product Details

Ethylene oxide sterilizationsafe to use
Strictly control the production process

Spunlace non-woven fabric as base fabric,
Soft and comfortable,Protect the wound.

Good air permeability
There are thousands of high-density vents on the base fabric,
Can remove moisture and sweat.

Quality dressing,More at ease
Good liquid absorption,
Choose a good dressing for the inner core,
Let you use more at ease.

Sticky,No glue residue
Stick firmly,Not easy to fall off.
Doesn't hurt,No glue residue.

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