Adhesive Medical Foam Wound Dressing

Foam dressing is a kind of medical polyurethane material, and its texture similar to "sponge" can be used with ointments and other dressings. It is an outer dressing used to replace gauze.
Features and benefits
  • Min order:

    10,000 Pieces
  • Material:

    Soft silicone adhesive
  • Color:

    Skin color
  • Size:

  • Features:

    Strong Adhesion,Latex Free and Breathable
  • Packing:

    20PCS/Box, 20boxes/Ctns; 50PCS/Box, 16boxes/Ctns
Product Detail

Adhesive Medical Foam Wound Dressing

Wound dressings can accelerate the healing process by protecting the injury or wound from bacteria and creating an environment which supports healthy healing. 

Foam dressings are an effective tool for moist wound healing and are particularly useful in preventing dressing-related trauma, managing exuding wounds, and minimizing dressing discomfort and pain.

Foam dressings are excellent for wounds which are exuding, whether minimally or heavily. Generally, foam dressings are meant for partial- or full-thickness wounds. 

Foam dressings can be used on wounds that have softened necrotic tissue. They are also flexible and can be cut to fit specific body parts like toes, fingers, or ears. Because of their thermal properties, foam dressings can be used on a wound which needs insulation to keep it warm. Additionally, foam dressings can be helpful in protecting the skin on top of bony prominences or high friction areas on the skin.

Product Information

Medical Sterile Foam Dressing
Soft silicone adhesive
Sterilization Method
Cobalt 60 irradiation sterilization
Validity Period
2 years
Scope of application
This product is used for clinical surgical incisions, 
wound dressing, and absorption of wounds to prevent exudate

The foam dressing has good air permeability, good moisture absorption and anti-infection characteristics. Its functions are:
1. It can absorb wound exudate and reduce wound secretions.
2. It can form a moist environment on the wound surface, reduce the adhesion between the dressing and the wound granulation tissue, which is conducive to tissue proliferation and wound repair.
3. It plays a role of cleaning and keeping warm on the skin of the compressed part, isolating external pollution, protecting the exposed nerve endings on the wound surface, and relieving pain.
4. The foam dressing is moderately hard and soft, which can effectively relieve wound pressure and reduce the incidence of bedsores in bedridden patients.

Product Details

Using porous silicone gel layer
Using advanced soft silicone layer, strong self-adhesive, no glueresidue, 
close to the wound, at the same time does not adhere tothe moist wound, 
painless replacement of the dressing.

Foam Core Dressing
Strong liquid absorption, comfortable and breathable.
Can reducethe risk of wound sticking and promote wound healing.

Use PU waterproof membrane
The wound is waterproof, and the bath can be taken to 
ensurethat the skin around the wound is dry.

Fast liquid absorption,No leakage of liquid
It is not easy to stick to the scabs, and it is easier to tear off

High viscosity,Not warped
It is not easy to curl and fits better

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